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Shelby County eBid Portal
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Shelby County has the following items out to bid
In order to place a bid you must be a registered bidder with Shelby County. If you have not registered with Shelby County, please click the "Create Bidder Account" on the left of this page.
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TitleDescriptionBid NumberBid Close Date
Electric 4" Floating Sludge Handling Dredge SystemThis specification is for the construction and delivery of a sludge lagoon one 4” portable, radio remote controlled, floating sludge handling system. System shall be delivered to the Shelby County South Water Treatment Plant located in Wilsonville, Alabama.2013-7-106367/30/2013 2:30:00 PM
HVAC MaintenanceHVAC Maintenance2014-4-106835/15/2014 2:00:00 PM
Hydrated Lime - 50 lb BagsHydrated Lime - 50 lb Bags2014-4-106874/29/2014 2:30:00 PM
Vector SuppliesVector Supplies2014-4-106804/29/2014 2:00:00 PM
Laundry Supplies Juvenile DetentionLaundry Supplies Juvenile Detention2014-4-106854/22/2014 3:30:00 PM
Restroom Supply DispensersRestroom Supply Dispensers2014-4-106824/22/2014 2:30:00 PM
Spartan Chemicals and Other Laundry Supplies at JailSpartan Chemicals and Other Laundry Supplies at Jail2014-4-106844/22/2014 2:30:00 PM
Doors and Door HardwareDoors and Door Hardware2014-3-106814/15/2014 2:00:00 PM
Awarded Bids
TitleDescriptionBid NumberAwarded ToExpiration Date
Uniform II BidUniform Rental and Purchase Items2012-2-10514G & K3/26/2014
Potassium PermanganateMust be Free-Flowing Grade and conform to AWWA Standard B603 - Latest Edition This material must be certified as suitable for contact with or treatment of drinking water by an accredited certification organization in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effect. Product must be acceptable to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for use in drinking water. 2012-3-10520Awarded to American International Chemicals4/23/2014
Oak Mountain Stake Park - Boardwalk ProjectOak Mountain Stake Park - Boardwalk Project2014-2-10672Awarded to Richard Sprouse Constrution4/23/2014
ChlorineBy the offering of this Bid, the Bidder hereby states that this material offered shall be certified as suitable for contact with or treatment of drinking water by an accredited certification organization in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals-Health Effects. 2011-4-10409Awarded to Allied Universal Corporation5/9/2014
Commission PrintingLEtterhead, Business Cards, Etc.2013-3-10602Awarded to Schwaab5/13/2014
Facilities & General Services Warehouse AdditionFacilities & General Services Warehouse Addition2014-2-10673Awarded to Wayne Davis Construction5/14/2014
Copper Tubing-PVC Pipe Bid 2012ACopper Tubing-PVC Pipe Bid 2012A2012-2-10510Awarded to Vellano Bros5/17/2014
Sheriff Office Letterhead and EnvelopesPrinting for Multi-colored Letterhead and Envelopes2011-4-10416Awarded to Maridan Corporation5/23/2014
Plumbing SuppliesPlumbing Supplies2013-10-10654Awarded to Apple Specialties6/7/2014
2013 EROSION CONTROLEROSION CONTROL MATERIALS2013-5-10609Awarded to Various Vendors as noted in Documents6/10/2014
2013 FERTILIZER MATERIALSFERTILIZER MATERIALS2013-5-10610Awarded to Universal Seed6/10/2014
2013 SEED MATERIALSSEED MATERIALS2013-5-10611Awarded to Various Vendors6/10/2014
2013 CONCRETE BIDGENERAL AND STATE-CERTIFIED CONCRETE 2013-5-10612Awarded to Various Vendors6/10/2014
Playground Surfacing MaterialPlayground Surfacing Material2013-5-10613Awarded to Magnolia State School6/10/2014
Wireless Duress SystemShelby County is issuing this bid in order to update its wireless duress system in the Courthouse building.2013-5-10614Awarded to Stop Tech6/10/2014
Collectionof Residential Garbage and Related ServicesCollectionof Residential Garbage and Related Services2013-4-10606Awarded to Waste Pro6/10/2014
HVAC MaintenanceHVAC Maintenance2011-3-10398Awarded to Southeastern Temperature Control6/13/2014
Turf Lawn MaintenanceTurf Lawn Maintenance2011-5-10418Awarded to Tru Green6/13/2014
Hydrated LimeHydrated Lime2013-5-106196/24/2014
12 Drug Panel Dip Device Lab Analysis for Synthetic Marijuana and Urine Specimen Cup2011-5-10434Awarded to Redwood Toxocology6/27/2014
2013 MIX, PLANT BITUMINOUSPLANT BITUMINOUS 411 COLD MIX 411 COLD WITH SLAG2013-6-10626One bid received - will be purchased as outline by state of AL bid law7/8/2014
Gasoline, Diesel & Fuel ServicesBulk and Retail2013-5-10615Awarded to McPherson Companies7/8/2014
Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide2012-6-10539Awarded to Thorton, Musso and Belemin, Inc.7/9/2014
Coagulant, Water TreatmentThe product bid shall be one of the products described in the specifications. As a condition of award, the apparent low bidder shall provide signed certification that the product that was bid and that is proposed to be furnished is identical to the product that was tested at the Talladega/Shelby Water Treatment Plant.2011-6-10438Awarded to Industrial Chemicals7/11/2014
DPMS Tactical Carbine RifleDPMXX Tactical Carbine Rifle2011-5-10421Awarded to DPMS Firearms LLC7/11/2014
Pressure Seal FormsShelby County is issuing this bid to acquire plain perforated and pressure sealed forms, of multiple sizes and fold types, to the various county departments.2011-6-10440Awarded to Maridan Corporation7/11/2014
Ortho/Polyphosphate Blend LiquidOrtho/Polyphosphate Blend Liquid2013-12-10664Awarded to Shannon Chemical Corporation7/12/2014
IT Conversion ServicesShelby County seeks a contractor who will be responsible for meeting the attached bid requirements. The media to be converted is housed inthe Property Tax Commissioner's Office located at 102 Depot Street, Columbiana, AL 350512013-7-10634No bids received - services will be secured as outlined by state bid law7/22/2014
2013 Round Pipe2013 Round Pipe2013-6-10630Awarded to Hanson Pipe, Foley Products and Harvey Culvert Co7/22/2014
2013 Arch Pipe2013 Arch Concrete Pipe2013-6-10631Awarded to Hanson Pipe and Foley Pipe7/22/2014
2013 PRECAST BOX CULVERTS2013 PRECAST BOX CULVERTS2013-6-10632Awarded to Hanson Pipe, Foley Pipe and United Procurement7/22/2014
2012 Heavy Duty FilterHeavy Duty Filters on truck and off road filters, including air, hydraulic, transmission, fuel, engine oil, air condition, final drive and cab air filters. Brand name filters as listed may be used to bid....NAPA, WIX, Baldwin, Luberfiner, Donaldson, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Fleetguard2012-6-10541Awarded to Napa Colulmbiana7/23/2014
2012 Flail Cutter PartsRepair/replacement parts for our right of way grass flail (Alamo) mower cutters. Parts shall include roller shafts, blades, gear boxes, drive shafts, belts, cutter shafts, frames, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, electrical items, and others miscellaneous parts.2012-6-10542Awarded to Montage Enterprises7/23/2014
Security Guards - UniformsFlying Cross Brand as specified2011-6-10448Awarded to At Work Uniforms7/25/2014
Gloves - Various TypesVarious Types for use by Jail, Juvenile Detention, Juvenile Court Services, etc.2013-7-10633Awarded to Moore Medical, American Osment, Savoy Medical Supplies, The Glove box and Interboro Packaging8/12/2014
Fire Sprinkler InspectionsFire Sprinkler Inspections2012-7-10548Awarded to Walker Backflow and Fire Protection8/13/2014
Calcium Hypochlorite TabletsCalcium Hypochlorite Tablets (PRODUCT) shall be 3” in diameter and shall have no less than 65% available Chlorine. PRODUCT shall meet all standards set forth in AWWA B300-99. PRODUCT shall meet be NSF 60 certified for use as a Drinking Water Chemical. Bidder shall provide documentation showing certification with bids. 2011-7-10453Awarded to Harcross Chemicals at 1.94 per lb.8/22/2014
2013 Precast Box Culvert - Wingwall / ParapetWingwall, ALDOT Special Drawing PCC-524 Parapet, ALDOT Special Drawing PCC-5242013-7-10638Awarded to Hanson Pipe8/26/2014
2013 Creosoted TimbersCreosoted Timbers2013-7-10641No bids were received8/26/2014
Uniform Items 2013Various Shirts and Jackets2013-7-10640Awarded to American Promo9/4/2014
2012 KABOTA PARTS PARTS FOR KABOTA TRACTORS2012-8-10558Awarded to Clanton Tractor9/5/2014
Monthly Pest ControlMonthly Pest Control Manditory Pre-Bid Meeting August 15, 20132013-6-10627Awarded to Terminix9/9/2014
Carpet and TileCarpet and Tile2014-2-10674Resolution records no bids were received9/20/2014
Water Fittings and AccessoriesWater Fittings and Accessories - Various2014-2-10671Awarded toFerguson Waterworks9/20/2014
Hygiene Productsfor use in Jail and Juvenile Detention2013-8-10645Awarded to American Osment, Riverside Medical Supply, Bob Barker, Budget Janitorial, ICS Jail Supply and Charm-tex as noted in bid award9/23/2014
Liquid Copper Sulfate (Algaecide)Liquid Copper Sulfate (Algaecide)2012-8-10561Awarded to Earth Science Labs9/24/2014
Kitchen Cleaning ItemsKitchen Cleaning Items for use at Jail and Juvenile Detention Facility2011-8-10475Awarded to American Osment9/26/2014
Janitorial Items for Jail and Juvenile Detention2011-8-10476Awarded to American Osment10/10/2014
Restroom Supply ProductsRestroom Supply Products2013-3-10600Awarded to Budget Janitorial Supply10/14/2014
Janitorial ServicesJanitorial Services2012-9-10562Awarded to Chalres Dixon Industries10/22/2014
Juvenile Detention Employee Uniform ItemsShirts and Jacket2013-10-10650Awarded to Uniform Mfg10/28/2014
Powder Activated Carbon50 lb Bags Delivered2013-10-10651Awarded to Brenntag Mid-South11/12/2014
Chipping of Wood WasteLandfill 2013-8-10646Awarded to Consite Services11/12/2014
Kitchen Equipment ServiceKitchen Equipment Service2013-10-10652Awarded to Jones-McLeod Inc.11/12/2014
HARDSTEELHardsteel items 2012-10-1056911/14/2014
Automated External DefibrillatorAutomated External Defibrillator2012-9-10568Awarded to DXE11/14/2014
Radios and PagersRadios and Pagers for the First Responders2013-10-10653Awarded to Day Wireless Systems11/25/2014
Fire Equipment Fire Equipment-Various2013-9-10649Awarded to NAFECO11/25/2014
Dishwashing Equipment/SuppliesDishwashing Equipoment/Supplies for the Jail2012-10-10573Awarded to EcoLab12/10/2014
Custom Reactivation of Franular Activated Carbon (GAC) Media for Filter 5 & 6 at the Shelby County South Water Treatment PlantThe CONTRACTOR shall provide construction and other professional and technical services to the COUNTY to include, but not necessarily be limited to, being responsible for removal, transportation, reactivation, and reinstallation of GAC Media adding virgin makeup as needed for Filters #5 & #6 at the Shelby County South Water Treatment Plant in compliance with county rules and regulations, industry standards, specifications and Attachment “A” hereby made part of this contract.2012-11-10579Awarded to Calgon Carbon12/10/2014
HVAC Filters & BeltsHVAC Filters and Belts2012-5-10533Awarded to Wittichen and Sexauer12/12/2014
EMS EQUIPMENTEmergency Medical Services equipment for fire, rescue, and ems.2013-9-10648Awarded to Various Bidders12/23/2014
Liquid Aluminum SulfateLiquid Aluminum Sulfate2013-11-1065612/23/2014
Liquid Ferric SulfateLiquid Ferric Sulfate2013-11-1065512/23/2014
Printed Items - Property Tax CommissionerSamples will be mailed to registered vendors. Vendors who are not registered may request samples by calling 205/670-6500.2012-12-10581Awarded to Southern Engraving12/26/2014
Correctional Apparel and AccessoriesInmate Uniform Tops, bottoms, disposable shirts and pants, Underwear, ball caps, work coats, ponchos, etc.2011-11-10494Awarded to Multiple Vendors - See bid Award12/27/2014
LinensSheets, Towels, etc.2011-11-10495Awarded to Bob Barker and Tabb Textile12/27/2014
Water MetersWater Meters - Various Sizes/Types2013-12-10660Awarded to Central Pipe and Supply, Inc.1/13/2015
Technology Catalog A Shelby County is issuing this bid in order to purchase a wide array of technology hardware and software that is compatible with equipment currently in production with Shelby County. 2013-12-10661Awarded to SHI, Inc.1/13/2015
Juvenile Detention Uniform ItemsDetainee Apparel2012-12-10583Awarded to Bob Barker1/14/2015
Custom Reativation of GAC MediaCustom Reativation of GAC Media2013-12-10665Awarded to Calgon Carbon Corp1/23/2015
2014 Road SignRoad Signs and Materials2013-12-106631/27/2015
2014 Stone bidRip Rap - #2 thru #8910 Stone - 825A and 825B Pug Mix - Surge - Scrap Waste Stone - Stripping Material2013-12-10662Awarded to Various Vendors1/27/2015
Automotive Brake Sevices 2014 Bid2014-1-10666Awarded toHavoline Xpress Lube2/10/2015
Oil Changes and Related Services2014 Bid2014-1-10667Awarded to Havoline Xpress Lube and Earnest McCarty Ford2/10/2015
Sheriff Office Vehicle Acessories Marked Car Equipment and Installation2013-1-10591Awarded to Law Enforcement Supply2/11/2015
2013 VEHICLE ALIGNMENT SERVICES 2 WHEEL AND 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND SERVICES2013-1-10587Awarded to Ernest McCarty Ford & Howard Tire2/11/2015
2013 Automotive / Light Truck Tire ServiceAutomotive / Light Truck Tire Installation and Service2013-1-10585Awarded to Ernest McCarty Ford & Howard Tire2/11/2015
Court Security Officer UniformsCourthouse Security2013-1-10589Awarded to McCain Uniforms2/11/2015
Jail Inmate Communication SystemShelby County is issuing this bid in order to upgrade its current inmate video visitation and inmate phone system.2012-4-10524Awarded to NCIC Phone and Visitation System 2/13/2015
Technology Catalog BShelby County is issuing this bid in order to purchase a wide array of technology hardware and software that is compatible with equipment currently in production with Shelby County. Shelby County is seeking one or more catalog suppliers of technology products to provide direct shipments to the County as well as participating agencies within Shelby County. 2012-1-10509Awarded to Dell Marketing2/13/2015
Aviation FuelAviation Fuel2013-2-10594Awarded to Eastern Aviation Fuels (Shell)3/11/2015
Probate - Printed ItemsThis bid will be mailed hard copy through the U.S. Postal Mail due to the inclusion of samples.2013-1-10593Awarded to Southern Engraving3/11/2015
Bermuda SodBermuda Sod2014-1-10670Recorded that only 1 bid recd-will purchase as outline State Al bid Law3/24/2015
Security and Electronic System MaintenanceSecurity and Electronic System Maintenance2013-2-10596Awarded to Unique Security3/25/2015
Fluorosolicic AcidFluorosolicic Acid2013-3-10599Awarded to Key Chemical4/8/2015
Paving Project 20142014 Paving Project SCP 59-858-142014-2-10675Awarded to Wiregrass Construction4/14/2015
Telephony Catalog CShelby County is issuing this bid in order to purchase a wide array of telephony hardware and software that is compatible with infrastructure currently in production in Shelby County. Shelby County supports the majority of its telephony infrastructure in-house. As such, Shelby County is seeking a catalog supplier of telephony products to provide direct shipments to the County as well as participating partnering agencies within Shelby County. 2014-3-10679Awarded to Ambit Solutions4/14/2015
Payroll Services/Time & Attendance/Absence MgShelby County plans to update its Payroll Services and related supporting applications. The primary objective of the project is to implement a fully integrated payroll, time & attendance and absence management enterprise solution that will increase the accuracy and time efficiency associated with the current workflows.2014-1-10669Awarded to KRONOS4/14/2015