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Shelby County eBid Portal
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Shelby County has the following items out to bid
In order to place a bid you must be a registered bidder with Shelby County. If you have not registered with Shelby County, please click the "Create Bidder Account" on the left of this page.
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TitleDescriptionBid NumberBid Close Date
Liquid SoapLiquid Soap2018-6-109697/3/2018 3:30:00 PM
Gasoline, Diesel & Fuel ServicesGasoline, Diesel & Fuel Services2018-6-109677/3/2018 2:30:00 PM
Utility Relocation John Findlay Drive Oak Mountain State ParkUtility Relocation John Findlay Drive Oak Mountain State Park There is a mandatory pre-construction meeting July 12th at 2:00 pm. in the Community Room at the County Services building located at 1123 County Services Drive, Pelham2018-6-109687/19/2018 2:00:00 PM
INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTSTURN LANES ON CR 280 AT CR 11 2018-6-109636/28/2018 3:00:00 PM
Construction Addition & RenovationMandatory Pre-Date will be June 4, 2018 2018-5-109596/28/2018 2:00:00 PM
Awarded Bids
TitleDescriptionBid NumberAwarded ToExpiration Date
Collectionof Residential Garbage and Related ServicesCollectionof Residential Garbage and Related Services2013-4-10606Awarded to Waste Pro6/10/2014
Hygiene ItemsFor Jail and Juvenile Detention2014-8-10719Awarded to9/8/2015
RFP/Bid-Commissary System/ServicesJail Services2015-5-10769Awarded to Kimble's Commissary Services7/13/2017
Apron HangarA recommended pre-bid conference will be held at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at the Shelby County Airport, 265 Weathervane Rd, Calera, AL 350402017-5-10901Awarded to Wayne Davis Construction7/26/2017
2017 SCADA System Upgrades2017 SCADA System Upgrades - Prequalification documents are due on June 8, 2017 by 4:30 pm. Before submitting a Bid each Bidder shall carefully examine the Drawings, read the Bid Documents, and visit the site of the Work. Contact Michael Cain ( or 205-670-6540) to set up a site visit.2017-5-10902Awarded to Electric Machine Controls, Inc.8/9/2017
Highway Operations Building Construction ProjectThere is a mandatory pre-bid conference October 17, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the County Administration Building Work Session2017-10-10931Awarded to Wayne DAvis Construction12/13/2017
Cahaba River Trail and Trailhead ProjectCahaba River Trail and Trailhead Project2018-3-10949Awarded to5/9/2018
Vector Supply 2017Vector supply 2017-6-10904Awarded to Multiple Vendors ADAPCO, Univar, Clarke7/10/2018
Door and door hardwareDoor and door hardware2017-6-10907Awarded to Building Specialties7/19/2018
Liquid SoapLiquid Soap Products2017-6-10913Awarded to Phoenix Trading - Americare Products Inc.7/23/2018
Hydrated Lime (BULK)Hydrated Lime (BULK)2017-6-10909Recorded only one bid received - 7/24/2018
COLD MIX, PLANT BITUMINOUSMIX, PLANT BITUMINOUS, 411 COLD AND 411 COLD W/ SLAG2017-6-10908Recorded only one bid received - purchases to be made as outlined in state bid7/24/2018
Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel ServicesAll Departments2016-6-10850It is recorded that no bids were received. Purchases made as outlined in AL bid law7/25/2018
FLAIL CUTTER PARTSrepair/replacement parts for our right of way grass flail (Alamo) mower cutters. Parts shall include roller shafts, blades, gear boxes, drive shafts, belts, cutter shafts, frames, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, electrical items, and other miscellaneous parts.2015-7-10780Awarded to Montage Enterprises, Inc.8/10/2018
Copper Tubing - PVC PipeCopper Tubing - PVC Pipe2018-4-10955Awarded to Ferguson Waterworks8/12/2018
Custom Reactivation of GAC Media at TSWTPCustom Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Media for Two (2) Filters at Talladega/Shelby Water Treatment Plant.2017-7-10912Awarded to Carbon Activated Corporation8/14/2018
Custom Reactivation of GAC Media at Shelby County SWTPCustom Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Media for Two (2) Filters at Shelby County South Water Treatment Plant.2017-7-10911Awarded to Carbon Activated Carbon8/14/2018
EROSION CONTROLNETTING, SILT FENCE, MULCH, WADDLES2016-7-10854Awarded to Universal Pro8/22/2018
Liquid Copper Sulfate (Algaecide)Liquid Copper Sulfate (Algaecide)2015-8-10787Awarded to Thornton, Musso and Bellemin9/14/2018
Jail Inmate Communication SystemInmate Communication System at County Jail2015-7-10782Awarded to NCIC9/15/2018
Water Fittings and AccessoriesWater Fittings and Accessories2016-8-10855Awarded to Ferguson9/16/2018
Paving 2018There is a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference Marcy 15, 20182018-2-10944Awarded to Wiregrass Construction, Inc.10/6/2018
Hygiene items for CorrectionalHygiene items for Jail and Juvenile Detention2017-8-10919Awarded to Americare10/8/2018
Powdered Activated Carbon (50 lb bags)Powdered Activated Carbon (50 lb bags)2017-9-10922Awarded to Chemrite10/9/2018
Pressure Sealed Forms 2017Bid Samples packets will be mailed to vendors who request them. Please contact Kim Reynolds at to receive bid samples. Bid samples must be requested by September 8, 2017.2017-8-10921Awarded to Walker Group10/9/2018
Chipping of Wood WasteChipping of Wood Waste at the Shelby County Landfill2016-8-10856Awarded to Con-Site Services10/10/2018
Picnic Tables and BenchesPicnic Tables and Benches2017-3-10892Awarded to Diversified Material Fabricators10/30/2018
Restroom Supply ProductsRestroom Supply Products2016-4-10837Awarded to Budget Janitorial11/9/2018
GlovesSamples are required for bids to be responsive.2017-10-10926Awarded to Interboro Packing11/13/2018
CRS-2 LIQUID ASPHALTLIQUID BITUMINOUS GRADE CRS-2 ASPHALT2017-10-10924SCC Recorded that no bids were received - Purchases to be made at outlined by State of AL bid law11/13/2018
SEED AND FERTLIZER SEED AND FERTILIZER2017-10-10923Awarded to Pennington Seed 11/13/2018
Potassium PermanganatePotassium Permanganate2016-10-10860Awarded to Marubeni Specialty Inc.11/16/2018
HARDSTEELHARDSTEEL ITEMS2017-10-10925Tractor and Equipment and Batey and Sanders11/27/2018
Paper Towels BidInvite to Bid Paper Towels2017-4-10896Awarded to Budget Janitorial12/4/2018
Brand Specific Cleaning ItemsCounty Jail and Juvenile Detention2017-10-10927Awarded to American Osment12/11/2018
Cleaning Products, Accessories and EquipmentUse at Jail and Juvenile Detention2017-10-10929Awarded to American Osment12/11/2018
Car Care ItemsSheriff's Office/Jail Use2017-10-10928Awarded to NAPA Auto Parts Columbiana12/11/2018
Razor - Hygiene Item for Correctional UseFor Correctional Use2017-10-10930Awarded to CPR Savers12/11/2018
Janitorial ServicesJanitorial Services2016-10-10862Awarded to Charles Dixon Industries12/27/2018
Liquid Aluminum SulfateLiquid Aluminum Sulfate2016-11-10868Awarded to Affinity Chemical and Thornton, Musso and Bellemin12/27/2018
Kitchen Dishwasing Equipment/SuppliesPlease contact Jason Johnston with any questions regarding the bid at 205/670-6075.2015-12-10810Awarded to American Osment1/11/2019
Water MetersWater Meters - Various Sizes/Types2016-12-10870Awarded to Central Pipe Supply Inc.1/12/2019
Ortho/polyphosphate BlendOrtho/polyphosphate Blend2016-12-10869Awarded to Carus Corporation1/13/2019
PTC Printed ItemsSamples will be mailed upon request to vendors. Vendors needing samples or vendors who are local and would like to come by and view samples should contact Kim Reynolds at 2016-1-10815Awarded to Southern Engraving2/8/2019
Critical Incident KitsCritical incident kits for sheriff's office.2017-12-109352/12/2019
STONE / SAND BIDRip Rap - #2 thru 8910 Stone - 825A and 825B Pug mix - Surge - Scrap Waste Stone Stripping Materials Concrete Sand - Mason Sand - Manufactured Sand2018-1-10940Awarded to Dunn Construction and Vulcan Materials2/12/2019
Security and Electronic Systems MaintenanceSecurity and Electronic Systems Maintenance for the Shelby County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center2016-1-10818Awarded to Unique Security Inc.2/22/2019
Uniform Garments - Field EmployeesCarhartt Items for Field Employees2018-1-10941Recorded only one bid received; purchases made by Al bid law2/26/2019
Aviation and Jet A Fuel -RebidFuel for Airport - Rebid2018-2-10943Awarded to Campbell Oil2/26/2019
Electronic Poll Book System Electronic Pool Book System2017-8-10920Awarded to KnowInk2/26/2019
Pressure Sealed Forms - ChecksPressure Sealed Forms - Checks2018-2-10942Awarded to Walker Group3/12/2019
Automotive Brake ServicesAutomotive Brake Services2018-2-10945No bids were received3/12/2019
Linens Linens for use at Jail and Juvenile Detention2017-2-10885Awarded to Bob Barker and Brooke Supplies3/13/2019
VEHICLE ALIGNMENT 2 WHEEL AND 4 WHEEL SERVICESALIGNMENT AND SERVICES2017-2-10874Awarded to Howard Tire and Ernest McCarty Ford3/16/2019
Oil Changes and Related ServicesOil Changes and Related Services2018-2-10946No bids were received3/26/2019
LIME MICROMESH CLASS II SHIRTSSHORT AND LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS CLASS II ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 LIME LIME / BLACK2017-2-10886Awarded to Reflective Apparel Factory, Inc.3/27/2019
Vehicle Equipment and Installation - Sheriff Office Marked and Unmarked2017-2-10888Awarded to Dana Safety Supply3/27/2019
Correctional Apparal and AccessoriesCorrectional Apparal and Accessories2018-3-10950Awarded to Various Biddders4/9/2019
Inmate FootwearFor Jail and Juvenile Detention2018-2-10947Awarded to Charm-tex4/9/2019
Fluorosolicic AcidFluorosolicic Acid2016-3-10828Awarded to Univar USA4/11/2019
Technology B CatalogRebid2018-3-10951Awarded to Dell Marketing l.P.4/23/2019
ChlorineChlorine2018-4-10954No bids received5/14/2019
EROSION CONTROLEROSION CONTROL MATERIALS2017-4-10897Resolution recorded one responsible bidder - purchases will be made as Bid Law outlines5/22/2019
Telephony Catalog CTelephony Catalog C - Telephone Hardware and Software2017-4-10894Awarded to Ambit and Logista 6/2/2019
Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide2018-5-10958Awarded to Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.6/11/2019
Juvenile Detention Uniform ItemsFor Detainees2018-4-10953Awarded toUniform Manufacturing6/11/2019
Laundry Supplies/Juvenile DetentionLaundry Supplies/Juvenile Detention2017-4-10898Awarded to Dade Paper Company6/12/2019
Letterhead-Commission Printed ItemsLetterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes Samples were mailed U.S. mail. Please contact Kim Reynolds at if you desire to bid and did not receive your samples. Thank you.2017-4-10899All Items Awarded to Southern Engraving6/12/2019
Engineered Playground Surfacing MaterialEngineered Playground Surfacing Material2016-5-10840Awarded to Bliss Products and Services6/13/2019
Kitchen Equipment ServiceJail Kitchen Equipment Service2017-5-10903Awarded to Jones-McLeod6/26/2019
Calcium Hypochlorite TabletsCalcium Hypochlorite Tablets2016-6-10845Awarded to Chemrite, Inc.7/11/2019
Hydrated Lime (50 LB BAGS)Hydrated Lime (50 LB BAGS)2017-6-10910Awarded to Harcros Chemicals7/24/2019